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Re: modeling of 3d-frame with shearwall

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> This leads to the following questions :
> 1. What is an acceptable level of mesh refinement?
> 2. If the mesh size is going to be unmanageable, is it advisable to use
>    plate elements at all?
> Rudra Nevatia
> Central Computing Facility

I start with a coarse mesh to get initial results, and then use finer 
meshes until successive model results show an acceptable level of 
convergence. Finite element analysis is not exact, so some trial and 
error of this sort is needed to ensure that the results are 

I am not sure what you mean by "unmanageable." If it takes more 
memory or computer time than you have available, then you are stuck. 
If you think it will be too difficult to construct, be sure you are 
familiar with the automatic meshing features in your software.

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