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RE: HP48 structural software

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I  write programs for the HP48G/GX  calculators,  from what you described I
am quite sure the fault is in the software. The author probably  translated
the source code to run on the HP48G/GX and missed a few items. HP41 programs
can not run on the HP48G/GX calculator.

Can you give me a wish list for Structural analysis and design softwares on
the HP48G/GX?

Alex C. Nacionales, C.E.

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Sent:	Thursday, August 06, 1998 10:47 PM
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Subject:	HP48 structural software

I have discovered a possible bug in a structural analysis card sold by
Data Systems for use w/ the HP-41 calculator when used in an HP-48GX.

I believe that it may be related to using the card in the 48 rather than
the 41, but I was wondering if anyone could back that up.  The specific
problem is that, when doing continuous beam analysis with fixed ends, it is
telling me that the moment at a fixed support is zero.  The program
gives proper results for a beam with all pinned supports no matter what they

are set to.

The user manual states that the software was develped by Chuck Dinsmore. I
know that he frequently posts to the sci.engr.civil newsgroup, but I do not
know if he subscribes to this list.  Chuck, if you're listening, or if
anyone else has experience using this card, please contact me via e-mail.

BTW, I looked at the Tripod web page, but there is no mention of this
particular software, only COGO and surveying stuff.