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RE: Shearwall Openings

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Can you provide more information. It would be useful to know the width and
height of the wall, the type of sheathing, nailing and capacity. Next
provide the size of the opening made in the wall and the location relative
to the lower left corner of the wall.
If the opening is, say, 16"x 16" and located in the center of the wall (both
height and width), then I would say you have very little to worry about.
This is because the location of the cutout occurs where the shear approaches
0. Create a shear diagragm of the wall and try to repair the chords at the
vertical studs as well as block the horizontal studs cut for the mechanical
insertion (good idea anyway if the wall was bearing).
Obviously the taller the cutout becomes, the more likely it is for you to
consider the panel as two shear walls and analyze each side based upon an
effective height reduced by the plywood panel above and below the opening.
This would also help your wall meet the H/b requirements established by
If you can be more specific, we might offer you some more exacting
Dennis S. Wish PE

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> Subject: Shearwall Openings
> I have been asked to obtain info. for correcting shearwall
> openings made by a
> mechanical contractor.  Does anyone have any references that I may try to
> secure or can anyone give some helpful guidelines that I can pass
> on to the
> engineer seeking this info?
> Thank you in advance for any help.