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RE: Bogus VIRUS ALERT.- maybe some concern

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Although Bill Sherman is correct, there has been an announcement on MSNBC
the other day that creates some cause for concern. At a recent hackers
convention, creative hackers released a seemingly harmless program over the
Internet that embeds itself into the receivers hard drive and allows
intrusion from the outside without the users knowledge.
The hackers had discovered a potentially serious security leak within the
Microsofts Windows 95 and 98. They claim to have attempted to bring this to
the attention of MS. Inasmuch as they received no response from Microsoft,
the released the active virus on the internet in order to force Microsoft to
This is not a serious virus announcement. The program is intended to allow
users to access their computers remotely. It is being offered free of charge
to the public. The programers have coded the remote program to remain active
during all Internet sessions - without the users knowledge.
The program allows any other use with the same program to gain entry into
another users computer and manipulate the hard drive - copy, erase, move
files as well as being able to see everything that the owner of the computer
sees as he uses his machine.
It is very similar to remote programs like PC Anywhere and LapLink, but
remains concealed.

What are the risks - not much unless you desire a free remote program. If
you work from a laptop or often do work from home and need access to your
office computer this could be a problem. The program (I do not know the
name) is being openly advertised on the Internet. You might try searching
DejaNews for articles related to remote control software in order to see if
anything has been released or written about it in the last week or so.

Again, you can not be effected by this program unless you download it and
use it once. You must download it intentionally as the developers clearly
define its use for remote control.

Dennis S. Wish PE

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> Note: please do not forward this warning to anyone else.  This
> appears to be
> another scam - every time this type of warning comes out I have been told
> that
> a virus cannot do any damage simply by reading an email message (but make
> sure
> you don't open/run any attached files).