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Check for HOAX first

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I appreciate peoples concern to warn us all about viruses on the internet.  It
is nice to know that there are some people who are concerned about the
welfare of others.  I want to exhort you though in your enthusiasm to verify
the information before sending it out to others.  The real virus here is all
the junk mail we get telling us about a supposed virus that does not exist.

I suggest that whenever you get a warning message from someone else, and you
get the urge to pass it on, check out the following URL to see if it is a

Most likely you will find out it is a hoax.  Just trash the message.  (Oops,
I mean recycle the 1's and 0's)

But, if it is not, by all means, please forward the message to me!


Richard Lewis, P.E.
Missionary TECH Team

The service mission like-minded Christian organizations
may turn to for technical assistance and know-how.