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RE: Shearwall Openings

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Cut a horizonal line through the openings and check the shear stress based
on the net length. If your shear stress is less than the capacity of the
shear panel, you are O.K. If your shear stress is greater than the
allowable, consider adding nails to decrease the nail spacing on the shear
panels adjacent to the opening to increase the allowable stress on the
panels adjacent to the openings. Finally, consider the horizontal tie forces
at the top and bottom of the openings. Create a free body diagram
considering the remaining shear wall adjacent to the opening as "piers"
fixed top and bottom and calculate the horizontal drag force at the top and
bottom of the opening. Run a horizontal block and strap to transfer this
horizontal force into the shear wall. If the opening is small, you may get
by with blocking a single "bay" (between king stud and next stud) and a 3/4"
wide strap.

Oh yeah, and charge for your time.

Bill Allen

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Subject: Shearwall Openings

I have been asked to obtain info. for correcting shearwall openings made by
mechanical contractor.  Does anyone have any references that I may try to
secure or can anyone give some helpful guidelines that I can pass on to the
engineer seeking this info?

Thank you in advance for any help.