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RE: stainless steel sparking

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FYI for those interested in using Loctite Permatex - 
Technical info available by calling 800-338-9000

Other manufacturers of anti-seizing compounds are listed in Thomas
Register of American Manufacturers, URL, free
registration is required,  search by product type "anti-seizing" gets
about 80 hits.

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> Subject: 	RE: stainless steel sparking
> Yes stainless on carbon or stainless can cause sparking.  
> In a highly combustible atmosphere you should consider brass bolts.
> Another possibility is Loctite.  Loctite is an epoxy that could
> provide adequate insulation on stainless steel to prevent sparking.  I
> am not sure if there is any research on this.  The API might be able
> to help on this.  Also consider using special tools.  The tools can be
> a source of sparking.  It is the static electricity during
> installation that is the problem.
> Harold Sprague, PE
> Krawinkler, Luth & Assoc.
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> 	Subject:	stainless steel sparking
> 	This is follow up question to the stainless to carbon steel
> question thread
> 	of a few days ago.
> 	Will stainless steel rubbing against carbon steel (or stainless
> steel) cause
> 	sparking? Sparks would be a problem since it would occur in a
> rich solvent
> 	atmosphere. I myself cannot think of a reason why it won't cause
> sparking
> 	but someone asked me this question and I just was wondering if
> anyone else
> 	could explain.
> 	Chris Wood