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Re[2]: Thoughts

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     The message of Gudrun was not directed at Roger's direction. It was at 
     me. And let it stop here. No point in propagating this further.

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Subject: Re: Thoughts
Author:  MIME7:pendyala(--nospam--at) at INTERNET
Date:    8/8/98 10:07 AM

I did not think Roger is the one who was not broad minded. It was Gudrun who 
probably was not by implying that Roger did not direct his message to female 
For heavens sake, let us not bring in the political correctness.
Gudrun Olafsdottir wrote:
> At 01:03 5.8.1998 +0000, you wrote: 
> >     Gents,
> >
> >        Roger Turk appears to be the most "civil" amongst us! 
> >
> >     Jerome
> >
> >
> Here's another thought for you "gents" and "gentelmen": There are 
> actually quite a few women in this profession and some of us are 
> on this list. This is at least the 4th or 5th time we have been
> addressed as "gentlemen" in a short time.  Or is this list for men only?!?! 
> Seriously, Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms/Mr or Sir/Madame are so easy to write
> when you're not sure.  So please be a little more broad-minded!  And please, 
> pleas,PLEASE don't start a new thread on this, this is just a reminder!
> Thanks,
> Gudrun Olafsdottir (female AND structural engineer)