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Re: gang nail wood truss design

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 Here in the Reno / Tahoe area our office uses a factor of 0.82 for any roof
 diaphragm values as most of our trusses are made of SPF.  There are times
 we have to specify DF top chords.  This typically raises the price of the
 truss package.
 Brian Dunagan, P.E.

Thanks for the imput,  typically most of the framing lumber we use is Douglas
fir as I imagine you do also.  Have you had any real problems on commerical
buildings in your area using the 0.82 factor.   Did you see the previous
message from WTCA about monitoring the SPF specific gravity.  Would you go as
far as to specify on your drawings the minimum specific gravity of lumber to
use in the truss design.

Michael Cochran