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RE: NCEES 1998 Structural I and II Exams

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The review manuals are representative of the difficulty level you will see
on the exams but as far as type of problem it's a crap shoot. The manuals do
tell important info on how the exams are graded and give you some insight
into what types of problems there will be, I would advise reading it. As far
as studying I just started working problems from any text books I had. One
pretty good book was "246 Solved Structural Engineering Problems" from
Professional Publications.

Chris Wood

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	Sent:	Tuesday, August 11, 1998 12:59 PM
	Subject:	NCEES 1998 Structural I and II Exams

	Does anyone have any feedback on how good the NCEES review manual is
for Structural I and
	II exams?  How about Chelapati's review manuals?  Are there any
other recommended review
	manuals on the market?

	Sam Love
	Ogden, Utah