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Re-bar Congestion

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Hello everyone.
I have a re-bar congestion problem where the bars are interfering with the form ties.  The situation is a 14 inch thick wall with (2) #11 bars vertically at 5" o.c.  There are 4 walls that form a "box column" in plan view.  This box column not only resists some vertical loads, but is also the lateral resisting system for the eight story building.
The conflict is between the form ties and the bars.  The contractor is not able to locate the form ties so that there will not be a conflict with the bars.  The problem has to do with the splices.  Due to the tight spacing of bars and the fact that the dowels from the foundation were a little off, but within tolerance, there is a conflict at every pour height. 
We are now at the sixth floor.  Up until this point the bars were shifted as required but stayed within the specified tolerance.  However, we have come to a point where a couple of the bars need to be spaced about 8 inches in place of the specified 5 inches.  The total number of bars does remain the same and therefore the average spacing of bars is still 5 inches.  My question is that if this occurs only in some localized area, what compromises will the wall suffer?  Will the system as whole be compromised?  Will there only be additional cracks in the wall at this location?
Any help and opinions would be appreciated.
Thank you.
Mike Brown, P.E.