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Depositions II

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Thank you to all regarding advice on depositions.Certainly,a general reply
from Mr McGhie,Esq. would be greatly appreciated.

Up to this point,I understand ,there are 2 types of witnesses:percipient and
expert.The percipient need only testify to facts with no conclusions or
opinions.He is entitled only to the statutory fee.The expert testifies to fact
and his opinion.The expert is entitled to reasonable & customary fees.

2 additional related questions are:

1) As a percipient witness,how do you reply to a question such as : Is it your
opinion,as stated in your report,that ....? Is a yes,no adequate?

2) If subpoened as an expert witness,is it legal to refuse testifying if they
do not agree to your 1/2 day minimum fee?

Thank you again,
Ricardo Arevalo SE