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RE: Retaining Wall

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1. Determine maximum dam/wall  width allowable
2. Determine available soil properties and cost
3. Design an earhdam using  max. width
4. use portland cement in soil (1-10%)  if needed for added strength

IMHO an earthdam would be cheapest if allowable width is safe.

I hope this helps.

Alex C. Nacionales, C.E.

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Subject:	Retaining Wall

     I need to design a retaining wall/berm across a retention pond to
     reclaim solids. The wall will be 150ft long and must withstand 10ft of
     water pressure. I am thinking of gabion baskets with local dirt in

     >minimize volume of wall
     >wall is temporary and will be in place 2 yrs, so a CHEAP solution is

     Any other suggestions.........

     Does anyone know of good references on earthen berm/gabion wall