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RE: Design Properties for Western Red Cedar

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Western Red Cedar (dry)   E = 1110 ksi  w = 24.0 pcf @ 20% m.c. and 20 pcf @ 0% m.c.  (interpolate)
G varies dependent upon which plane.  Glr/E=.064      Glt/E=.061      Grt/e=.003 for Sitka spruce
 Glr/E=.075      Glt/E=.069      Grt/e=.011 for Yellow Poplar
Hope that helps 

David Handy, P.Eng.
The Thompson Rosemount Group

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Subject:	Design Properties for Western Red Cedar

Currently I am designing a replacement 115kV T-line using Western Red
Cedar poles.  In so doing, I am also attempting to check the design
values used by PLS-CADD for Western Red Cedar.  I was wondering would
anyone know: Modulus of Elasticity, Modulus of Rigidity, and Density of
the aforementioned timber product.  Thanks in advance.