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Special Moment-Resisting Truss Frames

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Refer to the ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, 120:6, June 1994.
The article is "Seismic-Resistant Special Truss Moment Frames," by
S.C. Goel and A.M. Itani.

There is a companion piece by the same authors which analyzes the 
performance of traditional truss-moment frames.  These tend to have
chevron-type failure in a panel (i.e., a diagonal buckles and pulls in
the top or bottom chord); this type of failure is undesirable because 
of the drop in the shear and moment strength of the truss.

The system that Goel and Itani propose substitutes cross-braced panels
near mid-span; buckling in these panels entails less of a loss in shear
strength and no yielding in the chord.

The system looks promising, as long as column failure is precluded.

Rafael Sabelli
DASSE Design