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Re: Performance-Based Seismic Design, Potential for Increased Professional Liability

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Performance Based Seismic Design

1- 10 rating system.
1 is the lowest performance, 10 is the highest

1. Complete structural collapse
2. Portions of primary structural system collapse
3. Structural damage is severe, but collapse is prevented.
 Non structural elements fall
4. Structural collapse is prevented.  Non structural elements may fall.
5. Life-safety is generally protected.  Structure is damaged but remains stable.
Falling hazards remain secure.
6. Damage is moderate. Selected building systems, features or contents may be
protected from damage.
7. Structure is safe fro occupancy immediately after earthquake.  Essential
operations are protected, non essential operations are disrupted.
8. Most operations and functions can resume immediately.  Repair is required to
restore some non-essential services.  Damage is light.
9. Continuous service, facility operates and functions after earthquake.
Negligible structural and nonstructural damage.
10. No damage, continuous service.

This was taken from the SEAOC visions 2000.  This was a framework laid out for
performance based engineering and I am not sure if these definitions have been
revised or not.