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Single Family Housing Design

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In Arizona single family houses may be designed by non registrants, i.e., non
architect or engineers.  This provision is regardless of the size or
complexity of the house.  A non registrant may design a multimillion dollar
multistory home.  A few years ago a development called the Street of Dreams
was constructed in the Phoenix area.  Of the 10 houses constructed on this
"street", all were in the 1 million dollar range and 7 or 8 were done by non
registrants.  This is not a commentary on the design, rather pointing out that
this portion of the industry is not regulated in Arizona.  

The building departments can and often do require certain structural portions
of the building to be checked and sealed by an engineer.  This may range from
only one beam in question or the entire structure including a lateral
analysis.  I would like input from other states as to what is the practice and
law in their states regarding design of single family housing.  Is it
regulated in your state and if so how?

Thank you for your comments

Mel Slaysman
Slaysman Engineering