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"Structural Fix - Nearly Complete Florida Hotel in Race to Beef Up Wind"

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I received the following request from Frank Lew in a private post. He asked if I could find out more about the resolution to the following artical appearing in the July 6th, issue of Engineering News Record.
"I'm skimming a stack of ENR issues (my subscription still hasn't run out yet), and came across an article in the July 6 issue that sounds intriguing, and the type that also may interest some SEAOC listserv readers. The title is "Structural Fix - Nearly Complete Florida Hotel in Race to Beef Up Wind System". It seems the wind design was seriously flawed, and multi-million dollar fixes are underway. The article has diagrams of the fixes.

The most intriguing part is that the EOR, a Richard Klein, was criminally indicted and the trial was set for July 20. I've not seen any follow-ups in subsequent issues of ENR. It would be interesting to hear if some Florida-based listserv members have followed the case and/or can provide status and updates on this case.

I'm not on the listserv - perhaps you'd care to post an inquiry. If you don't have access to that issue of ENR, you can order the article by c <A HREF="" class=70422202-16081998>bin/pdserv?cbrecid=CK19980707030000087&cb=7&dx=1005">licking here</A> If you do post something, I'd appreciate a blind cc so that I'll know to check the e-mail archives sometime in the future on any follow-ups.


Frank Lew"

If anyone can comment on this or provide a followup I would be interested in hearing about it.

Dennis S. Wish PE