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Re[2]: Retaining Wall : Reply

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     There are inflatable barriers that are being used in Europe and South 
     East Asia. The bags are used as reef barriers where high and strong 
     waves often break the shoreline. 
     The original post appear to have none of the above dynamic load and I 
     believe that the inflatable barrier would more than meet the 
     requirement structurally and economically.

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Subject: Re: Retaining Wall : Reply
Author:  MIME7:shahkarp(--nospam--at) at INTERNET
Date:    8/17/98 3:47 AM

I haven't worked with inflatable barriers either. But I not sure that they are 
a good choice for a rather long time like two years.
Most of the applications that I have read about where emergency or temporary 
applications. According to the impression that the literature gave me , they 
may be highly vulnerable to damage and need more maintenance than the old 
fashion earth dam.
Best regards
S Parhizgari
Bruce Shephard wrote:
> Hello
> Not realy my field of work,  but,  The reaction that I had on reading your 
> query was that this is an application for an anchored inflatable 'dam'.
> these are usually a heavy rubberised compound.   I have seen these in the 
> literature but soory don't know any more.  Just an idea.
> Regards,  Bruce S