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Re: PML where it begin

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PML and Fragility Curves are subsets of Loss Estimation. 

1. A good starting point is the Loss Estimation Theme Issue by EERI (Volume 13, Number 4).

2. Some companies have developed software packages that produce PML curves. One such program by Degenkolb Engineers uses FEMA 178 (or 310) type questionnaires as input. Another company is EQE International.

3. SEAONC Spring 1999 Seminar. I am currently organizing this introductory seminar on Loss Estimation for the SEAONC Continuing Education Committee. It will cover specific aspects such as PML and Fragility Curves. It is scheduled for mid March 1999 and is $100 for SEAOC members.

4. For a more comprehensive background, a study of Damage Analysis modeling is very useful. Future work will concentrate on developing new Loss estimation techniques from damage analysis. Some work has started in non-ductile concrete towards that goal. Current methods over-emphasize PML curves ( to the point that PML curves ARE Loss Estmaition in many engineers' minds) that are too dependent on "experience" and empirical rules of thumb.

If you would like more references or have specific questions, please contact me.

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