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Re[2]: ACI 98

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     The 1995 version is the latest "major" release.  This is what the ACI 
     web page shows.  ACI normally has a 6 year release cycle for ACI 318, 
     so the next major release should be 2001.  They also normally have 
     some minor updates at the 3 yr point, and this is published as 
     something like "ACI 318-95 (revised 98)".  This is probably what 
     Jerome heard about.
     Ed Haninger
     Fluor Daniel

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Subject: Re: ACI 98
Author:  Pouya Shahkar <shahkarp(--nospam--at)> at fdinet
Date:    8/16/98 9:44 PM

As far as I know the answer is no. But check the ACI homepage.
S Parhizgari
jerome.tan(--nospam--at)PAREURO.COM wrote:
>      Folks,
>         Heard through the grapevine that there's already an ACI-98. Is this 
>      true?
>      Jerome