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RE: Concrete Hip Roofs

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Consider what has been called Filigree concrete.  It is essentially a system of precast concrete forms that are shored in place and a cast in place topping knits the whole thing together.  

It is composite cast in place concrete over raked precast forms that contain all of the bottom steel.  The top surface of the precast is raked and has steel trusses cast into the precast that project up into the cast in place portion.  Often Styrofoam strips are glued to the upper portion of the precast planks creating a type of hollow core slab or beam.  Top steel is placed in the field.  Beams use U shaped precast with the bottom of the stirrups/hoops cast into the precast.  The top of the stirrups/hoops are placed in the field.

The bottom being precast can have virtually any architectural finish you desire.  Structurally you can add tendons or rebar to your hearts content.

The system is popular in New Jersey and along sections of the East Coast.  It was used for a while in Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City.

There are some caveats that you would need to be aware of if you wish to proceed.

Harold Sprague, PE
Krawinkler, Luth & Assoc.

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Does anyone know of a (relatively) simple way to build an 
architecturally appealing (4:12 slopes, hips valleys etc) out of 
concrete.  We can't use steel beams or decks, precast is possible but 
would be difficult at the hips and valley, cast in place would work but 
would be expensive to form.

Any ideas?