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Re: RE: Use of WOOD: Single Family Housing Design

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"Jose Diez" <josediezpe(--nospam--at) wrote:

> I fully support you position and your point of view, as I once several 
> year ago, designed residences. However I am in favor of prohibiting the 
> use of wood as a construction material for other than formwork.

Oh Dear!!

>From New Zealand the land of extensive forests, including those of radiata 
pine specifically planted for construction use onshore and exported.  Where 
earthquakes early this century showed the differential in earthquake damage 
between wood and masonry buildings.  Where a whole industry has developed 
light timber framing technology for building use.  Where light timber 
framing codes are used for non-engineer application to residential buildings 
without the apparent extent of the problems that give Dennis concerns.  
Where buildings to 4 storeys can be constructed in engineered timber for 
California like levels of seismicity!

" --- prohibiting the use of wood ----" indeed!!

"Wood" residential buildings to non specific design codes in New Zealand 
have an expected damage ratio of about 8% in MMI IX earthquake ground 
shaking.  (As for PML studies on insurance exposures.) This is apparently 
better than US data indicates by a factor of 3 plus?

Something's amiss here?

Cheers,  Bruce S

Bruce Shephard, Principal Consultant Seismic Risk
Opus International Consultants, New Zealand
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