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Re: Use of WOOD: Single Family Housing Design

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The key words are "designed properly and met the standard construction
provisions of the code".  I investigated a home at Squaw Valley that was
continually showing distress.  Turned out, only two shear walls were
holding up the roof.  Yes, a lot of older homes do stay up, but there have
been some flattened structures too.  A few years ago I investigated a home
near Cisco that was shoved over by the snow for the second time.

Problems arise from poor or non-existant plan checking, bad inspection, bad
contractors and even sometimes owners who make changes from the approved
drawings.  Nothing is perfect.

Neil Moore, S.E.

At 12:11 AM 8/18/98 EDT, you wrote:
>when was the last time a single family residence failed when it was designed
>properly and met the standard construction provisions of the code.  i have
>personally reviewed the construction of 75 year old homes built of 2x4
>construction with no ridge board, no top plates, no shear, no anchor bolts,
>etc. at Lake Tahoe in areas of 150 psf to 300 psf snow loads and these houses
>are still performing.  
>explain that.
>brian dunagan, P.E.
>p.s. be careful what you wish for or you will be designing porch covers as i
>do here in Reno, Nevada!!!!!!

i even have problems with S.E.'s in Reno!