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Re: Stucco Shear Walls

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This is a question that Tim McCormick or someone else at the City of Los
Angeles Building Department may be able to help with:

I am presuming the City downgraded the allowable capacity of cement plaster
(stucco) shear walls shortly after the 1994 Northridge earthquake because of
the poor performance of this type of shear wall during the quake. I am
interested in how this decision was made.
Was a formal survey taken of stucco wall damage? Were any in-depth studies
done as to the failure mechanisms, such as plaster failure, or fastener
pullout? Were nails stronger than staples? Were there installation problems?
Lath problems? New construction, or old?

All of you having experiences with stucco damage are welcomed to share, and
thanks for the help.

Charles Laines, S.E.
Long Beach, California