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Re: Concrete Hip Roofs

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40 years ago when I was going to school, a local subdivision promoted the 
strength of their homes by placing a dump truck on the (wood) roof and 
publishing that picture in their ads and press releases.  Since we had just 
taken structural analysis and *knew* that wind lifted up, not down, it was 
our conclusion that the dump truck was there to keep the roof from blowing 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Fred Niemczenia wrote:

. > Apparently a Southeast Florida contractor(s) had built the ultimate home 
. > for Hurricane Andrew (catagory 5) style events. This was a cast-in-place 
. > concrete home, complete with reinforced concrete roof; a clay tile 
. > pattern was <GASP> textured on top. The convincing photo-op included the 
. > standard pick-up truck hoisted onto and resting on the roof. Shades of 
. > Dade-Broward!