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RE: Concrete Hip Roofs

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At 04:53 PM 8/17/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Consider what has been called Filigree concrete.  It is essentially a
>system of precast concrete forms that are shored in place and a cast 
>in place topping knits the whole thing together.  

Mmmm... Yeh, I remember Filigree Wideslab (?) used to be a big name in
Clearwater, FL.  I could find no reference today on the internet other than
the NJ entry you mention and Bonita (Lee or Collier counties) in Florida.
Perhaps they moved north?

Besides the Aberdeen's article, there are a couple of precast keystone
joist outfits as well....   Prestressed Systems, Inc. (Miami?) and
Cast-Crete (Tampa?) wherever?  ...  The idea is the 8" or 12" shallow
joists provide the framing for supporting the formwork for a 3" or 4"
cast-in-place slab.  The slab becomes composite with the joists later.  I
have not used either system since the late eighties.

Then there is Epicore also...  The idea is to provide a Steel Deck
Institute STYLE form which becomes the bottom / exposed bottom steel for a
cast-in-place slab.  Does AISC, ACI, or SDI provide the controlling
building requirements for any of these systems?  Contact the supplier
before committing to any design.  Most offer design support as well.  

These are just a few of the many proprietary systems out there.  Each has
its good and bad points.  Each favors a special need and application.
Verify ICBO, SBCCI, BOCA, and/or Local Building Code Official approval
before selecting any system <GRIN>...

Fred Niemczenia, P.E.
Keystone Heights, FL