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Re: Use of WOOD: Single Family Housing Design

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you are correct.  however we do not all live in northridge.  in other areas we
are not in seismic zone 4, building on fault lines, and on poor soil
conditions.  all structures in seismic zone 4 should require review by an
engineer.  in our region all structures require an engineer, even one story
ranch homes with adequate shear wall and many redundancies.  this increases
the cost of design and construction to no benefit to the consumer.  i guess my
point is we need to understand when engineering is necessary and when it is
not.  what is required for structures in southern california is not
necessarily needed in other regions.  the list goes on.  in our area our
designs are not even reviewed by licensed engineers.  the inspectors do not
understand the purpose for most of details shown on our plans.  we are
educating them, but it is a lengthy process.  the building department requires
engineering and there is no one to determine if the engineering is even
correct and no one to makes sure it happens at the job site.

i'd be intersted in seeing and/or hearing abourt your experiences in


brian dunagan, p.e.