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Re: Concrete Hip Roofs -re from Fred

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Fred Niemczenia wrote:

"About two years ago there was an interesting article in Aberdeen's 
Concrete Construction.  Apparently a Southeast Florida contractor(s) had 
built the ultimate home for Hurricane Andrew (catagory 5) style events. 
This was a cast-in-place concrete home, complete with reinforced 
concrete roof; a clay tile pattern was <GASP> textured on top.  The 
convincing photo-op included the standard pick-up truck hoisted onto and 
resting on the roof.  Shades of Dade-Broward!

 The as-built cost was estimated at $175,000 for a 4 bedroom Miami 
Advice type home.  If anyone has further info, please let me know.  That 
was an issue I should have saved <DADGUM>.""

------------- You can retrieve that article online from Aberdeen at (mac is a dog that knows for about concrete then most) 
they have a archive search available and the articles can be downloaded. 
Thanks for the tip I will look into that article myself.

Joshua Matthews