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Re: Welding Electrodes

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> I'm presently involved with a project for which I am to prepare shop
> drawings for a structural steel assembly. The various steel member
> components including the welding electrodes(11018) are on site. When I
> requested the steel specification, A36 was indicated.

Someone screwed up here, and you'd do well to find out exactly what
happened, so you can figure out if there are additional problems. The
11018 electrodes are intended for high strength QT steel like A-514 or
A-517. They're low hydrogen electrodes, which should be kept in an oven so
they stay dry. If they're not kept absolutely dry up until they're used,
you'll have trouble with hydrogen embrittlement. The electrodes also are
intended to be used where control of weld heat input is maintained,
otherwise embrittlement results. With everything else perfect, you could
use the electrodes on A-36, provided your weld procedures reflect the
necessary controls. Since someone screwed up getting you the electrodes,
everything *isn't* perfect, and you'd better do some checking around.

If it were me, I'd send 'em back. They're not right, you have no reason to
believe they've been kept dry and they don't match your weld procedures.
You welders might not even realize they're using the wrong electrodes
until it's too late. All those monkeys are firmly on your back.

Chris Wright

(General Sedgwick will be memorialized when I get back from Atlanta)