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Re: RE: Single Family Housing Design

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Some time back I was involved in overseeing the installation of several modular
trailers for use as laboratories at a wastewater treatment plant.  Part of our
scope included review of the design calculations and site inspection.  I still
remember arguing with the manufacturer to submit calculations for the design of
the trailer, which was required under their contract.  When we received them,
they were generic calcs which on many occations did not match the drawings. 
When we conducted a site inspection, we discovered that the studs were of a
lower grade than shown on the calc & plans and the nailing on the shearwalls
and steel straps had been greatly reduced.  We directed them to suspend
construction until the calculations were revised and the inconsistencies
corrected.  We inquired about state inspection on these units and to our dismay
we were told that the state only require two/three site inspections and that
they could be when only the steel chassi & flooring is available and after the
module is complete.

At the end of the project, the manufacturer told us that he would probably not
work with us again since we were too unreasonably demanding.  Apparantly, most
clients were satisfied with the final product and drawings.
>>> "Dennis S. Wish PE" <wish(--nospam--at)> 08/20/98 12:38PM >>>
I'd be interested in other comments. Typically, I have turned down work on
modular units because of their unique or proprietary foundation systems
(other than continuous block walls).

Dennis Wish PE