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RE: Concrete Hip Roofs

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At 10:51 AM 8/19/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Keystone Heights, FL
>I have been to Florida. Isn't the town name, "Keystone Heights", a bit of
>advertising puffery on the town's  founding fathers? <G> The word "Heights"
>just doesn't seem to fit the geography. <VBG>

I depends on your perspective...  If you been drinking, you've fallen down,
and you're staring at a fire ant mound, you might think you're looking at a
mountain!  Geography?  Karst mostly...

>Here in California, where the lowest and highest spots in the contiguous 48
>states are within 100 miles or so of one another, we would probably name it
>differently. ;-)
>Ramona, CA 

Ramona, Corina, Keystone Heights, whatever...  One dip in July at Tahoe was
enough to make me return to Florida <WIDER-GRIN>....  Then again there were
only two people at the beach...  The rest were in the man made Mountains of
Reno or other points East of Stateline Road....

Fred Niemczenia, P.E.
Keystone Heights, FL

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