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RE: Tall Signs

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I think the issue is one of enforcment. I have been asked to change
occupancy requirements in a portion of a medical office building in order to
avoid higher storage loads. As I suspected, the building official would not
authorize the change of occupany since it would place the enforcment upon
the building owners rather than local officials. Assuming a change in
employees, the enforcment proceedures could be lost in the details and the
area used with unauthorized live loads which exceed what it was designed
For clarification, my project involved changing a room from office to an
assembly area used for cariovascular aerobics. However, the room use was
governed by the placement of equiptment that did not exceed office floor
loading and only one or two individuals could use any one piece of
equiptment at a time. The building officials concern (which I anticipated
and advised my client) was that the equipment could be removed and the room
used with 100 people for active aerobics.

There is no way to insure that the sign owner will abide by his promise to
remove the sign in storm warnings. What will he do when the warning is not
given in time or a gust of wind comes along that provides a short term load
exceeding the design load of the taller pole.

If he persists, collect your fee and have him find another sucker to stamp
it off.

Dennis Wish PE