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RE: Use of WOOD: Single Family Housing Design

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I don't have an argument with your comments if you restrict them to a basic
less than 2000 square foot retangular structure with sufficient solid wall
panel at or near the corners to help resist shear. I don't disagree with you
when the local building offical is willing to require additional features
such as you describe.
This thread started with a discussion of project of one million dollar homes
that were allowed to be designed and constructed based upon conventional
framing standards. I have never seen a one million dollar retangular home
that would conform to conventional framing standards established by the UBC
which limites truss lengths to less than 35 feet. Homes of this caliber
require creative engineering and close coordination during construction.
The one thing that is missing from my posts is a preface to my comments. I
feel that the conventional framing section of the code is not adequate and
contains mistakes and ommissions that will not be revised because of the
change in the code cycle with the comming IBC. All of the UBC ommisions will
remain and ICBO has announced that they have no plans to revise or correct
this section of the code.
If the code was written without the problems that exist, I would have not
problem with smaller homes being built without engineering - the engineering
would have already been properly done. My complaint is that the size and
shape of the buildings allowed under the current standard can not be
substantiated by engineering analysis and will have many deficiencies that
the ICBO voting community is ignoring.

As you stated, you may not agree with this either, but if the constraints of
conventional framing were better defined, the insurance industry may not
have had to pay out so much in damages and homeowners would not have had to
go through displacment until repairs had been done.

Your welcome:>)