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Re: Tall Signs

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This sign company's explanation will never fly!

We do lot's of monopoles where we specifically state what the pole is
designed for, i.e. number of dishes and panels, wind speed and site
exposure if we're designing per the UBC.

We also have a note:

"This monopole is not capable of handling more antennas than is outline in
these notes".

Further we say"

"--------- Company and the design engineer assume no responsibility for
these monopoles (sign) if alterations and or additions are made above and
beyoind the original design specifications and requirements."

I would suspect that not only does the pole itself not figure, but neither
does the footing and anchor bolts.

A short concise letter to the contractor, his client (yours?) and the local
authorities, with a copy to your attorney is appropriate.

I would suspect that the owner had something to do with this.  

Neil Moore, S.E.

>I designed a tall  steel frame  (82')  for a sign company . The sign company
>increased the height during construction by 20 feet.