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RE: RE: New! SEAONC Web Site

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Thanks for the reply.  It must be frustrating to have the site ready to go 
and have a third party holding you up.

The overall design of the site looks really good and will be a valuable 
addition to our ways of communicating within SEAONC.   Congratulations on a 
job well done!

In looking at the amount of information on the site, it looks like it will 
take quite an effort to keep it up to date.  I'm not sure if there is any 
way I can help, but if so let me know.

Bill Cain, S.E.
Oakland, CA

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Currently InterNic has not switched its pointer to the new web hosting 
company, that is why you have to go to the old home page and be 
transferred to the new one. The switch will happen anytime now (at lease 
that is what InterNic says).

Email will not work properly until InterNic completes the switch. The email 
list will be added at that time. It is going to be in this format:

Personally, I am annoyed that it is taking them that long, as I want the 
web site to be completey functional.
Hope that answers your question.

If you have any comments, however trivial you might think they are, I would 
like to get them.