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RE: Falling Debris Impact Load

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Some things are so critically important that a contractor should not be 
charged with the responsibility of designing it.  We all know that the 
contractor will have the design done by the low bidder and to the absolute 
minimum cost and will submit the design for review and approval/acceptance to 
the person that assigned him/her the task of providing design, namely you.

If the debris shelter is inadequate and someone gets hurt or killed, you can 
rest assured that the contractor will point the finger at you because you,

a. Did not specify adequate loads.

b. Reviewed and approved/accepted the submitted design.

c. Did not reject the submitted design.

If you want to avoid responsibility entirely, then let the contractor 
structurally design the building and everything associated with it.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Robert Rollo wrote:

. > That was my point exactly.  I am not ignoring "public safety", merely
. > deferring the liability to the contractor and or his/her engineer.
. > Those types of designs carry too much liabilty/fee for me to have "warm
. > fuzzys" over . . . .  Falling bricks would be a good reason to lose
. > sleep.  Not unlike a sign that the company will disassemble in high wind
. > situations, right?
. >