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Re: Steel Moment Frame Connections

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There is a also a proprietary cast bolted bracket connection that looks very
good to me, except for the fact that there is a small gusset that could
protrude into visible floor and ceiling spaces. See FEMA 267A (Ksai &
Bleiman). I understand that it has tested very well. Did anyone see the
recent news article where architect Jorge de Quesada and Pueblo Building
Tech LLC, received a patent for a standardized beam system for modular steel
buildings up to 12 stories. They plan to open a 40,000 sf plant in Fremont.
It seems to me that this patent and the proprietary moment connections could
have something in common.

On another front, I have noticed as recent as yesterday, observing
residential projects under construction where steel moment  frames are going
in with no apparent post northridge detailing. Same old full pen welds with
backer bars and rats nest. There are wood framed, type V projects all over
the bay area where I see this going on. Is FEMA 267 considered the current
standard of care? I am sure some engineers have never heard of it.

Of the few moment frames I have designed post Northridge I have used cover
plated connections and requested submittals on the welders electrodes/weld
filler material to verify a good Charpy V-Notch. The last one I got was for
a ESAB Coresheild 8Ni1 (AWS Class E71T-8-Ni1) It has a yeild strength of
61,600 psi, tensile strength of 76,100 and a CVN of 119 ft-lbs @ -20
degreesF, 82 @ -60degreesF.

I too, am curious from others if they have an electrode of choice for moment
frames. I have been told by a very respected authority on the subject that
the engineer should never specify the electrode, only the required

It would be very helpful if some of the testing of moment connections would
address the concerns of us little guys using small frames for residential
applications such as  W8 through W14 sections.


Jeff Smith SE

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Date: Friday, August 21, 1998 5:24 PM
Subject: Re: Steel Moment Frame Connections

On 5/21 Kevin Devaney wrote:

> I am looking for input on preferred beam/column connections. I would
> appreciate any info including the status of the "proprietary" side plate
> connection in FEMA 267.

Currently - there are four connections that are commonly being used
on projects - the Reduced Beam Section (dogbone), Cover Plated,
Slotted Web, and Sideplate.  The first two are public domain and
instructions for designing them may be found in FEMA-267 and
FEMA-267a.  The second two are proprietary.  For information on the
slotted web connection contact the Allen Company, in Los Angeles.
For information on sideplate, contact Sideplate, also located in Los

If you would like information on the various types of connections
that have been tested and the results of these tests, the SAC joint
venture maintains an on-line database accessible through the internet
at the SAC Home Page.
Ronald O. Hamburger
Project Director for Product Development
SAC Joint Venture