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Year 2000 computer problem!

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I do not know if anyone knows Mr. Art Bell?
He does Radio night "talk shows" from his home (in Vegas?) Which via
satellite it is sent to the Radio stations.
Here in Vancouver every night he is broadcasted on one station designated to
"talk shows."
I believe I listened to him few time when I was travelling by car with my
family few months ago.
Honestly because his show smells too commercial, it's too stressful for me
too handle it.
Th e last time I listed to his show he was promoting 1 year food supply for
year 2000, because he said there will be an "extremely serious" and
"inevitable catastrophe" after December 31, 1999 at 11:59 p.m. He claims
throughout the world there won't be any power, gas, water and so on. All
airports will shut down, and etc.. He had a guest that backed him up (a
Ph.D. in History!)

A few days ago one of my clients asked about my opinion on year 2000
computer problem. I told her I was not sure, but my gut feeling says we will
be alright (I do not believe in Art Bell's suggestions.)
Then she said she had an acquaintance (in Vancouver, Canada) that believed
Art Bell. He took all his retirement saving from Bank, bought gold and
bought 4 guns (!) And he plans to go the Vancouver Island in year 2000 rely
on fish for his survival....

My opinion? This is wrong. It does not make sense that we have this "fatal"
catastrophic disaster!
I also heard that there were claims bout elevators that won't run and that
the president of "Otis" elevator manufacturer issued statement that
elevators have noting to do with date element in their programming.

If you know about this problem please let me know.

K. Hemmatyar, P.Eng. (Structural)
Vancouver, B.C.