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RE: The Clinton Administration Loves Y2K

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Doesn't hold water in my opinion since the conversion to Y2K compatibility
within the Federal Government alone will cost much more than any "windfall"
generated from investment sell-offs. In addition, this kind of panic that
would cause liquidation of stocks is not healthy for the investment
community and may be day that investors are fearing where a major correction
is expected.
BTW, if it were true, the day after would be a good time to invest.

Dennis Wish PE

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Subject: The Clinton Administration Loves Y2K

One interesting "theory" I've heard advanced, is that the
Clinton/Gore administration is rubbing it's hands in
anticipation of the "windfall" that will come about over the
next year and a half, as the Y2K panic sets in.

This theory posits that so many folks will be "liquidating"
their assets, getting out of the stock and bond markets, for
example, that the huge windfall in taxes resulting from
capital gains will be staggering.  There are actually
administration memos in existence that talk about what
they're planning to do with the money.

Clinton and his ilk have always benefitted from F.U.D.  This
may be yet another example of same.