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Re: seaint Digest for 22 Aug 1998

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>Can someone advise on this hypothetical timber beam deflection problem?
>1 .A  beam is loaded. The immediate sag is 0.25 ins. The load remains and in
>time the sag creeps to 0.50 ins.
>2. After that, the load is removed.  What is the sag now?
>3.  The load is reapplied. What is the sag now and in the long term?
>Thank you,
>Roy Levy,   P.E.

there are three important questions:
1)What was the beam moisture content when it was installed,
2)What was the beam moisture content when the load was removed, and
3)What will the beam moisture content be  when it is evaluated in "the long
And, to help a little more, what is the percentage of sustained load
compared to total design load?  These questions should help!
Frank Woeste, P. E.
Professor of Wood Construction
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061