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RE: Timber Beam Deflection

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If I gave the impression that I thought your response was argumentative, I 
apologize.  I certainly did not.

I certainly don't know why wood creeps and I don't think that anyone can tell 
us at this time why it does.  I agree with you that each piece of wood is 
different, which makes it difficult to predict how it would behave.  I think 
that the full size, in-grade tests of lumber indicates that there can be a 
significant difference between tests of small, clear specimens and the full 
size lumber that we have to design for.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Dennis Wish wrote:

. > I wasn't trying to be argumentative, but was interested to find out if 
. > you had any technical information to support your theory.
. > .
. > .
. > .
. > I would also think that it would be difficult to try and create a strict
. > definition of it's behaviour since each piece is virtually unique.