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Re: Stamping of Plans

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Habaradas, Tony wrote:
> Somebody who is not a registered civil engineer has requested me to
> review his work and stamp the drawings and calculations that he has
> prepared.
> He gave me copies of his calculations and all the drawings.
> I like to know what do I need to do in this case and what are the legal
> and professional implications.
> I will appreciate any help.

I always reject this "opportunity" for two reasons:  1) it is a
violation of board laws (all of the ones I am registered in); and 2) the
primary reason they did not hire an engineer in the first place was to
save money.

However.....  What about all of the structural steel jobs being produced
these days with the standard statement..."all connections shall be
designed by a registered professional engineer in the state of the
project..."  Most fab shops do not have engineers (or detailers) on
staff.  Most outside detailers do not have engineers on staff.  

I have provided connection designs for a steel fabricator under similar
circumstances.  I actually hand calculated many of the connections;
however, the bulk of my work was reviewing computer generated
calculations and drawings (from the SDSII software).  All of my
correspondence to the POR specifically stated that all of the
connections had been reviewed.  I also placed a "CONNECTIONS ONLY" seal
under my engineering seal on all shop drawings.

So, am I going to prison??????

Brian K. Smith, P.E.