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The several posts (and counter posts) I read about the use of wood in 
houses construction moved me to ask you what follows.
Although I?m mechanical engineer, I do love wood, and my hobby is 
But I am not convinced -so far- about the benefits of house contruction 
from wood which seems to be the rule in USA. Here in south america we 
still prefer bricks.
I was in Houston for 18 month, and I had the chance to see the progresive 
construction of a condo nearby my place. I saw those tiny (o let?s say 
slender) timber pieces to be put together to form the structure of walls, 
frames, beams, etc. I also was told (pls tell me if this is true) that 
these slim timbers came from very fast growing trees, specially developed 
for construction. I also was told that unless termites choose the same 
home as you do, this full wood houses can last up to 30 years.
All this introduction is just to ask to you fellows (ladys included) why 
this wood based system was chosen. Are there some kind of historical 
reasons?, or may be old traditions? A friend that lives in Tampa Fl, made 
his house to be built up in our traditional way (bricks and more bricks) 
and he had to pay 30% more that a fully wood house. So, Is it because of 
By the way, how about New Zeland? What do you use there?

Finally, I would like to tell you that this query is just for the sake of