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RE: Stamping of Plans

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Contact your local board of registration to find out. In California, the
work must have been done under the direct supervision of the EOR. This
implys that it should be done within the EOR's office and that the EOR has
complete autonomy over the design and details.
I will not stamp the work of others unless I hired them from the start of
the project and had interacted with them through the design stage. However,
if you are allowed to review and stamp, I would be absolutly sure that the
design, drawings and details meet your level of performance expected within
your office. More importantly, you must understand each and every design
intent as it evolved from the discussions with all involved parties. This
means that if something is missing from the design that was relayed to the
"designer" you become responsible and potentially liable for it.
One last point. Even if you have every one involved release you from
liability, it will most likely not stand up in court. The purpose of your
stamp is to assume responsiblity. Waivers can not relinquish you of
liability resulting from errors and ommisions.

Personally, I would recommend that you do not stamp the plans. I would also
suggest that you offer to redesign (even if the final design matches the one
presented to you) for an appropriate fee. Remember, you are not at fault for
hiring an unlicensed individual. You also might consider reporting any
individual who performs engineering services and who is not licensed or
registered with his state to submit the resulting package. This is a wasted
expense and, I believe, constitutes a fraud against the client.

Sorry to be so tough on this, but it takes work away from those of us who
are qualified and could use the job. It also allows the "bottom feeders" to
come up and challenge our fees - essentially pushing fee's down and
expectations up.

Dennis Wish PE

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Subject: Stamping of Plans

Somebody who is not a registered civil engineer has requested me to
review his work and stamp the drawings and calculations that he has

He gave me copies of his calculations and all the drawings.

I like to know what do I need to do in this case and what are the legal
and professional implications.

I will appreciate any help.