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Re: Anchors in Masonry Walls

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At 10:03 AM 8/24/98 -0600, you wrote:
>What if the mortar is used between the anchor bolt and masonry shell in
>place of grout?
>This will help the contractor in holding the anchors in place while the
>grout is poured into the cells.
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>Date: Friday, August 21, 1998 7:21 PM
>Subject: Re: Anchors in Masonry Walls
>> "All bolts shall be grouted in place with at least 1 inch of grout between
>>the bolt and the masonry,..."
>> Does this mean between the bolt and masonry within the cell and/or between
>>the bolt and face shell of the masonry (where the bolt passes through the

Is not the intent of the statement for anchor bolts placed vertically in
filled cells?  In other words, the bolt needs to clear the vertical inside
face of the CMU.  This not a problem for 8" and wider CMU.

There are excellent details of current practice in the SBCCI publication
"Standard for Hurricane Resistant Residential Construction."