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Re:Stamping of Plans is common

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Just to provoke a little more conversation on this topic:

Which engineer is doing a better job of "... primary obligation is to protect the safety, health and welfare of 
the public..."

The principal in a large firm that might "browse" through a set of drawings prepared by a young engineer under 
his/her "supervision" but does not look at the calculations prior to stamping the drawings  


An engineer who does a thorough review of the drawings and calculations prepared by someone else and makes 
changes where appropriate.

Florida's spelling out what you must do to be a "successor professional engineer" (Rules Chapter

"a successor professional engineer ... must be able to document and produce upon request evidence that he has 
in fact recreated all the work done by the original professional engineer.  In other words,calculations, site 
visits, research and the like must be documented ..Further, the successor engineer must take all professional 
and legal responsibility ..."

Is an appropriate way of addressing the requirements and should apply to work done within large firms as well.

While we certainly do not want drafting services to be producing documents that get "rubber stamped", because 
engineering has an archaic and territorial system of varying registration state by state there can be instances 
where an out of state licensed engineer, for reasons of technicality, needs the assistance of another engineer 
who is licensed in the state the work will be constructed to get the project "stamped".

Steven M. Baldridge, P.E.,S.E.,C.E. etc etc