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RE: 1950's steel joist catalog

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Title: RE: 1950's steel joist catalog

In SJI publication Technical Digest No. 7 "50 Year Steel Joist Digest 1928-1978"  The SJ series is indicated as sizes SJ81-SJ167. That table is dated as revised 1948, but has no joists in depth greater than 16 inches and certainly not a size 2 chord on a 22 inch depth joist as your plan mark might imply.

These tables are based upon Simplified Practice Recommendations, Bureau of Standards, US Dept of Commerce

The smallest chord size I can find in any tables is a 6 in a 22 inch product depth.  Could those marks be fabricator piece marks , not actual joist sizes?

SJ81-SJ167 was current through 1952, then came SJ81-SJ207 until 1959 at which time the J was dropped to become simply 8S2-24S8.  Still no chord size smaller than 6.

Have you physically measured the depth, chords and webs?  Material properties were fairly consistant as A245, A246 and A303 48T or Grade C.  Maybe you could determine section properties and attack it that way ?

I am working on several 1950's schools with exactly the same RTU situation, but all of my joists have been in the SJI tables appropriate for the time of construction.

Good Luck
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