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Re: Anchors in Masonry Walls

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In a message dated 98-08-21 21:21:48 EDT, you write:

 When you place the bolt through the hole in the concrete block, you are to
 maintain 1 inch clear minimum between the bolt shank and the masonry face
 shell.  Example for a 1" inch round bolt the hole would have to be 3 inches
 round in the block wall.  See page 178 in the Reinforced Masonry Engineering
 Handbook by Amrhein.  I doubt though that these larger hole requirements are
 ever inforced.
 Michael Cochran
Not necessarily so Michael.............Every L.A. City Inspector has his
"special baby"...............In the past 2 years I have run into two L.A. City
Inpectors who did inforce it!!!!!
Needless to say, i have been "caught" with it a few years ago. Since then it
is part of my General Notes.

Antonio S. "Tony" Luisoni
Consulting SE