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Re: URM in seismic zones after 1933

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Thanks for the responses - this list is amazing.  Unfortunately, I failed
ask the question precisely.
My intended question was  - "when (and where) did the restriction against
URM for seismic loads FIRST appear in the UBC".
The 1967 UBC (and later), Chapter 23 has the requirement that "... all
concrete and masonry that resists seismic forces is to be reinforced to
conform to the requirements for reinforced concrete and masonry".    I
cannot find the requirement (or similar) in either the 1935 UBC or 1952
UBC that I have.
(This question came about from discussions  with the owner of a URM
building in the Los Angeles area that the owner claims was built in 1938.
 We have sent someone down to the building department to get the actual
date.  But in the meantime, we couldn't give the owner the reference to
show that the 1938 date was not correct). 

Mark Gorman